Men Called Knights

In the state of Kansas, there are 261 Councils, with a total of more than 36,000 members. In our Council alone, we have a membership of more than 450 Knights. These Knights consist of men from all walks of life who made a commitment to give of their time and talent to the Council. Every person brings something new to our Council through their interests, hobbies or profession.

Building the Church was part of Father McGivneyís vision when he founded the Knights of Columbus in 1882. Here at Prince of Peace Council 7909, we give many hours each year by helping our priests, our Parish and our community. Active participation and member recruitment helps to keep our council strong and make it, what we feel is, the best in the state.

What We Do

The Knights in our Council participate in a wide variety of activities throughout the year, which all revolve around our four Core Values: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. Some members are involved in multiple activities and events while others may choose to participate in only one. Either way, you are making a difference.

While hosting our events, we make it easy by having plenty of people there to help. We
have a lot of fun working together and itís a great time to meet new people and make new

How To Join

Join the Knights and celebrate with us the joy and pride of being the strong right arm of the Church.

In order to join our Council, you must be over the age of 18, a Practical Catholic and attend a First Degree Ceremony. At the First Degree, you will complete the paperwork and pay $25 for your first year of dues in addition to a $15 one-time ceremony fee (which will cover the costs of the first three Degrees).

The First Degree lasts roughly an hour and will be followed by a social to give you the opportunity to meet a few of our current members.


If you have questions or would like to join our Council, please contact Matt Garrard, Membership Director at 913.951.7669 or by email.

We look forward to standing tall with you as Brothers in the Knights of Columbus.